Current Project Statement

I currently live in San Francisco (CA), within the region known as Bernal Heights. Through my neighbors trees, I used to be able to see the outline of the defunct Candlestick Park––the former home of the San Francisco Giants and 49ers. This daily practice of viewing the silhouette of an abandoned stadium created a fascination within me. I knew that one day I would wake up and this outline would be gone, my backyard would change slightly.

In the same manner that the sun rises and sets, the history of Candlestick Park has set only to be risen by a new economic promise. This landscape is currently going through a radical social and economic transformation from a sporting and entertainment venue to a low-income housing facility and “urban outlet” shopping center––slated to open in 2017.

As I sat looking out at this stadium every morning, I begun to ponder: What will this architectural change mean for the community that has already developed itself around this region? What will happen in the long-term exchange of one form of cultural capital and leisure (sports and entertainment) for an­other (shopping) do for the quality of life?

Over the last two-years I have been using field visits and physical/digital marketplaces and websites to search for ephemeral objects, images, and sounds that relate to Candlestick Park’s history. During an eBay search, I stumbled upon a Penguin children’s book called Searching For Candlestick Park.

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