Upcoming Exhibitions

Sabbath: The 2017 Dorothy Saxe Invitational

Nov 12, 2017–Feb 25, 2018

The Dorothy Saxe Invitational is The CJM’s longest-running commitment; endowed by Dorothy and her late husband George Saxe, the Invitational asks artists to make work that relates to selected Jewish ritual objects. For 2017, the eleventh iteration of the series, we have for the first time commissioned works inspired by a Jewish idea, that of the Sabbath. Fifty-nine artists are showing three-dimensional work displayed on shelves and pedestals, filling the gallery with colorful and surprising forms.



Inviting a group of fifty-nine artists to comment on the day of rest, Sabbath gives the diverse group an opportunity to examine the depth of the fourth commandment, its influences, and its universality. A pillar of many religions and a staple of the modern workweek, the ideas in the Sabbath are integral to how time is viewed.

Continuing the Invitational’s commitment to the art of craft, each work will be three-dimensional, with artists exploring the theme through a wide range of materials such as ceramic, wood, and glass. The works of art are displayed both on shelves and under vitrines on pedestals, filling the gallery with colorful and surprising forms.

The CJM welcomes participating artists from around the United States to interpret this day from their own unique perspective and to engage with its contemporary relevance. All works of art in the exhibition will be for sale; proceeds benefit the artists and The CJM exhibition program.

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